TWC laughs : How 5 People Realized They Found ‘The One’

We’ll admit it, stories about couples finding love make us weak in the knees. What’s better? Stories which make you go ‘Aww..’ and ‘LOL!’ at the same time. Here are 5 people who realized that they’ve found the one they want to spend their lifetime with :


1) Drunk On Love

“After a night out, in a little black dress, slightly tipsy, she was dancing by herself around the living room to “Baby Love” by the Supremes. I came in from the other room and stopped to watch – she didn’t know I was watching. In that moment, she was so silly, so beautiful, so real. I still smile now whenever I hear that song. We’ve been together for 7 years. She has a habit of lighting up my life with little moments like this, whether aware of them or not.” – AcuteMtnSalsa


2) The Childhood Crush

“I’d been infatuated with her since I was 5, and hopelessly attracted to her since was 15. She’s my best friend’s sister so I always thought she was off limits until I was 25 when she asked me out. Getting married next Saturday.” – petethepianist


3) Turtle-y Brave Rescue

“The moment that really sticks out for me is when we were driving down a busy road and I see a turtle crossing the road. I slow down to a stop, hitting my hazards and making sure people behind me are slowing down and without a word, he hops out and moves the turtle out of the road. Such a simple thing that made me realize how incredible he is.” – kellitor


4) It’s In The Skittle Things

“As a child, my absolute favourite thing in the world was skittles (still is). I didn’t have much growing up, and always joked that if I ever became rich – I would buy a pool and fill it with skittles. Fast forward to when I am about 22 years old. For my birthday, my girlfriend bought a baby bath and filled with it with about $60 in Skittles and made it look like a pool. It seems so silly but that moment meant so much to me. That girlfriend is now my wife, and the mother of my child. And yes, I ate all the skittles (it took a long time).” – JakeBrownPhoto


5) The Only Exception

“She is so far the only woman to find me both attractive and funny.” – Keller_6

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Credit: Reddit